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The ThermoSorber™ is a thermally-driven heat pump which supplies air conditioning or refrigeration at the cold end, and which uses all the reject heat (gas heat plus cooling duty) to heat hot water.

The high temperature glide achieved with the absorption cycle makes it possible to heat hot water to 160°F, thus meeting the needs of commercial users. The hot water is normally the primary product, with the cooling in a supplementary role. This ensures high year round utilization and short paybacks.

This appliance reduces the utility bill for hot water and cooling by more than half, compared to the most economic commercially available equipment.

Key Features

  • Delivers both chilling and hot water
  • Provides 160°F hot water at gas COP = 1.5
  • 50% reduction in utility bill
  • Pays back in less than two years
  • Simple, robust absorption technology
  • Gas, propane, steam or waste heat fired

The ThermoSorber™ hot water heat pump is ideally suited for co-production of hot water and air conditioning or refrigeration. Potential applications include food processing, dairies, breweries, restaurants, laundries, commercial kitchens, hospitals, apartment buildings, motels, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, and any other user with significant hot water demand.


Cooling Capacity (Tons): 15 to 300 (ARI Conditions) Hot Water Heating Capacity (Btu/hr): 470,000 to 4.8 MMBtu/hr Absorbent: Aqua Ammonia Electricity (kW): 0.75 to 6

The ThermoSorber™ technology was developed with cost share funding from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy.


Central California Poultry Processing Plant

A 100-Ton ThermoSorber™ being demonstrated at a central California poultry processor, providing hot water for scalding and supplemental cooling.

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Wisconsin Meat Packing Plant

300-Ton ThermoSorber™ installed at Wisconsin meat packing plant for refrigeration and hot water

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