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Energy Concepts has a full array of specialized products and applications.

Available Products

ThermoSorber™ – Co-produces hot water and chilling with half the energy required for normal hot water production.

ThermoChiller – Produces chilling from any heat source: exhaust, geothermal, excess steam.

ThermoCharger – Uses turbine exhaust to cool inlet air for year round peak turbine performance.

Industrial Refrigeration – Custom plants using any waste heat stream to make chilling down to -50°F. Call us at 410-266-6521 for more information.

Refinery Chilling – Custom designed absorption cycles using waste heat, such as from a reformer, to make chilling, to de-bottleneck compressors, condense products, or any other process chilling requirement.

ISAAC Solar Ice Maker – The Intermittant Solar Ammonia Absorption Chiller requires no electricity, and produces 50 kg of block ice per sunny day.

HeliSorber – Uses solar thermal heat to produce heat pumped hot water AND chilling, great for applications.

HeliChiller – Uses solar thermal heat to produce chilling down to sub freezing temperatures.

Combined Heating and Power (CHP) – Greatly increases the value of the thermal resource available from engine waste heat. ECC's absorption cycles can use both the exhaust AND the jacket heat to run an absorption cycle, providing chilled water, heat pumped hot water, or sub-freezing temperatures down to -20°F.

Absorption Power Cycle – ECC's ammonia cycles can generate high pressure motive force from low temperature waste heat, as low as 160°F. Takes advantage of temperature glide in heat source, delivering higher conversion efficiency than Organic Rankine Cycles.