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Practical Solutions To Pressing World Energy Problems

Energy Concepts Company, LLC designs, develops, and manufactures energy-efficient, heat-activated absorption systems and associated fluid contact equipment.

The ammonia absorption systems produce refrigeration, heat pumping, space conditioning and/or power. They are available over a wide capacity range, from small residential to large industrial equipment. They are powered by waste heat, solar heat, or prime heat.

Energy Concepts Company, LLC is committed to developing technology and innovations to provide practical solutions to pressing world energy problems.

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Design and Development

  • Product conceptualization
  • Thermodynamic analysis
  • Prior art search
  • Laboratory testing
  • Economic analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Test and analysis
  • Installation and start-up



About Our Facility

Energy Concepts is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and has 3200 square feet of office space and 6000 square feet of shop and laboratory space. Our metal fabrication shop is fully equipped with advanced welding, milling, shearing, punching, drilling, and bending capabilities.

Our laboratory is equipped with instrumentation, utilities and data acquisition for testing, flow visualization, and analyzing advanced prototypes.